Move. Breathe. Be

By Gillian Gurish


It has been an amazing experience to be a part of The Point’s teacher team from the beginning. From opening day, the energy in the studio has been nothing but uplifting and supportive, and it’s so exciting to be a part of this growing community! (Also, can we talk about how soft those shirts are? I’m just sayin.)


One of the coolest parts of The Point is the wide variety of classes we offer – from classic vinyasa to barre to Buti, we’ve got it all! When I got the spark of an idea for a new kind of class, I knew The Point would be the perfect place to introduce it. So, coming to your favorite yoga studio soon, we present: Move.Breathe.Be.


Move.Breathe.Be. is a 3-part class that incorporates vinyasa, yin/restorative yoga, and meditation all in one 90-minute weekly package. The goal of this class will be to leave you feeling stronger, more at ease, and more balanced than when you walked in!


The idea for this class comes from the roots of yoga itself. While much of the history of the practice is cloudy and complex, we do know that yoga was originally simply meditation; we use the term asana today to refer to the wide variety of postures practiced in a class, but the word literally translates from Sanskrit to “seat,” the easy posture you take to meditate. The physical practice was developed as a path to deeper meditation, a way to calm the body in order to clear the mind. But as yoga developed here in the west, it was the physical practice that took the spotlight, leaving meditation by the wayside.


This class is aimed at getting meditation’s groove back! It will start with a vinyasa flow, linking breath to movement and getting the blood flowing and heart pumping. Then we’ll move into a more restorative practice to calm the nervous system and quiet your mind, followed by a sweet savasana to help get you into a state of deep relaxation. The practice will finish with – what else?! – a simple guided meditation to leave you feeling clear, restored, and balanced.


I am so excited to pilot this new class with The Point community! Come join me on Wednesday nights at 7:30PM to experience a truly complete yoga practice. Beginners are more than welcome. See you on the mat!


With love and light,