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Yoga Essentials

Marco is a North Shore native with more than 4 years of experience practicing yoga, and 2 years as a student of Reiki.  His favorite yoga pose is simple seat (Sukhasana) with hands over the heart. He says it’s the perfect pose because everybody can do it. "Whether it’s for grounding into the body, resetting the mind, or traveling through the layers of our deepest self, this pose does it all. "

Marco supports Ben Speaks, a charity that spreads awareness of mental health disorders in gifted children and teens. He loves music and has two cats, two dogs and two Mississippi mud turtles!

 Marco is very excited to be able to share his yoga and healing practices with the the local and global communities.  He thinks time is the most valuable resource we have here on earth, and says that those who commit time out of their day to personal practice have his deepest respect.