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Sunrise Flow & Move.Breathe.Be

Gillian has more than ten years of practicing yoga under her belt - and she is eager to begin taking barre classes at The Point! Gillian is a Massachusetts native and is moving to Chelsea this summer.

Gillian's intention in her teaching is for students to leave class feeling stronger and better equipped to handle the ups and downs of daily life with a little more compassion and peace than the day before.

When asked about her favorite yoga pose, Warrior II, Gillian says, "I remember being in a class in the first few months of starting to practice and the teacher had us hold it for what felt like 10 minutes (I'm sure it was closer to 2!). I remember feeling my own strength rise up and a voice in my head say, "you can do this." To this day, that pose makes me feel strong and empowered from the inside out."