The full moon is a time of potent healing energy. When the moon is full and the veil between the conscious and unconscious is thinnest, we have an open doorway into growth and healing. This is the most powerful time of the moon phases to honor ourselves through rituals of letting go of that which no longer serves us. If there is someone to forgive, a grudge you've been holding, a habit you can't seem to release, a pattern you would like to heal, this is the time. We will do so in sacred space and with the support of our sisters. 

In this 90 minute journey, you will experience a total Chakra clearing and alignment breath-work practice, which will be followed by a guided journaling ritual and fire burning ceremony. You will learn about how the Astrological signs impact our emotions during the full moon and how to navigate these waters. 

Be prepared to let go and be free from that which doesn't serve your highest good. 

Bring a pen, paper, and your whole self. 

Saturday June 30th


Cost: $25

                                                REIKI CIRCLE

                                              REIKI CIRCLE

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality commonly translated as the “universal life-force energy”. The energy is applied through a reiki practitioner’s hands, with or without physical contact.

Join Usui Reiki Healer Marco Aurelio Vinci on this adventure of metaphysical proportions!

Bring your hopes and dreams in a bag and watch them grow before your third eye. Set your next great intention inside of a reiki charged mandala. Reiki is a natural way to calm the mind and alleviate physical ailments of stress. Possible side effects of reiki healing include, finding a higher sense of self and removal of negative thought
patterns/ideas. Many say it leaves them feeling at peace with the world and grateful for everything they have in life. Wear comfortable clothes you don’t mind doing a few gentle seated yoga poses in. Most of the class is spent lying down. The event is all ages. Anybody under the age of 18 is welcome to attend with their parent/guardian present.

Sign up now to reserve your spot as space is limited.

Friday July 6th 7:15pm

Cost: $15

All sales final.

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