Reiki Circle & Meditation
In conjunction with the New Moon Aquarius
Led by Reiki Master Marco Aurelio Vinci

Friday February 8, 2019


No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary. Reiki healing is a source based energy practice with reference to the divine. Energy is shared with intentions of receiving the greatest good.

All sales final.


Date: Saturday, March 2nd
Time: 2-4pm

Where Bro’s meet Yoga and Beer.

Whether you’re a bro into yoga or have never stepped foot into a class before- this class is for you!

-Can’t touch your toes?
-Can’t still your mind?
-Feel intimidated when girls turn themselves into pretzels in class?

Any other can’t or won’t that stops you from entering a class.. it’s okay, we got you.

Fear not bro’s / friends of bro’s. Now is your chance to get over it and get into it!

This class is geared towards males. We will combine the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout. Offering a strong, energetic, and challenging practice within a lively and supportive atmosphere. Good music, good vibes, and great beer provided by Cunard Tavern.

Let’s move away from the misconception that only girls can practice yoga, and support the bro yogi population. Did you know that there is currently a total of 10 million men practicing yoga in the United States? With a rise of 4 million since 2012?! Now is your chance to contribute to this growing population. After all, we practice yoga to have a happy, healthy, meaningful life! But beware, side effects include: *Better sleep and communication skills (specifically being more open-minded), improved digestion and flexibility, AND decreased back and knee pain.

Bro’s bring your friends. Friends bring your bro’s.

Date: Saturday, March 2nd
Time: 2-4pm
Details: $25. Includes yoga class followed by 2 beers.

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